Common Reasons Behind Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs

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A building’s foundation provides your home with structural stability from the ground up. Damage to or problems with the foundation can impair the structural integrity of your home, potentially causing it to shift over time. That is why it is important to carry out any foundation repair work as soon as issues arise. When searching for foundation repair services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas, Kang Contractors can help. We are a team of highly professional contractors providing numerous home construction services to the Dallas community. Continue reading as we present common reasons behind pier and beam foundation repairs.

Poor Soil Conditions

A large part of the Texas region including Dallas contains expansive soil (with excessive smectite clay). The soil expands during rainy seasons and contracts during dry seasons — leading to a substantial reduction in the soil volume each season, which causes immense stress on a building’s foundation. Over time, the foundation becomes weak, resulting in cracks and other damage to the home’s walls. Kang Contractors is an experienced foundation repair contractor that can help you protect your home from suffering significant damage due to these poor soil conditions.

Faulty Construction

Another reason behind foundation failure is faulty construction. When building, foundation contractors should study the soil composition carefully to prevent any possibility of failure in the future. Soil with a high clay content is more likely to lead to foundation failure as it expands and contracts in wet and dry seasons, respectively. Using fill dirt or non-compacted soil around the foundation can lead to more shifting of the foundation and ultimately result in foundation failure.

Water Damage

Water damage is yet another common reason behind foundation repairs. A poor drainage system is a possible cause of water damage, as it leads to standing water around the foundation. Standing water results in soil expansion, leading to the upward movement of the foundation. If left unchecked, it can lead to serious foundation problems. You need to check for the signs of a bad foundation and practice effective water management to avoid serious foundation problems. When faced with damaged foundations, you need an expert team of foundation repair contractors such as Kang Contractors to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are a common cause of foundation problems, and can contribute significantly to foundation damage if left unchecked. Reason being, plumbing lines are usually routed beneath the foundation  so when leaks happen, it directly affects the soil beneath the house. Other types of damage may or may not affect all the different types of foundations, but plumbing leaks can affect any type of foundation, causing potentially serious, long-term foundation damage. It is important to check all plumbing leaks and get them fixed at the earliest to avoid long-term damage. Our professional contractors are experienced at handling all types of foundation repair work, including providing lasting solutions to plumbing leaks.


There are a few other problems that can lead to foundation issues, compromising the integrity of your home. Whenever you are looking to execute a project that involves work on the foundation, it is important to work with seasoned professionals. When looking for proven foundation repair contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas, Kang Contractors has got you covered. We are leading general contractors located in Dallas, providing home foundation repair, home remodeling, home renovation, and new home construction services. Our team of seasoned residential concrete contractors provides unparalleled value and prioritizes client satisfaction. You can call or text us at (469) 208-3645, email us at, or fill out our contact form.