Top 4 Trending Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling is a quick, easy way to improve the comfort and utility of an existing bathroom. The walls, floor, ceiling, and bathtub can be remodeled to enhance their functionality and design. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are several design ideas that can help you make your bathrooms functionally superior and aesthetically alluring. If you are a resident of Frisco or surrounding areas looking for professional bathroom remodeling, it is advisable to contact a general contractor in Dallas that can help you make your bathroom functionally superior and aesthetically alluring. Continue reading as we discuss the top four trending bathroom remodeling ideas.

Using Tile for a Bathroom Backsplash

In a bathroom, the backsplash is the space behind a sink that is meant to prevent splashes when you wash your face, hence the name. Choosing tiles to cover the bathroom backsplash is a great choice, as they provide water resistance and require minimal upkeep. Apart from using tiles for the backsplash, extending floor tiles up to the ceiling is also a great design idea if you prefer uniformity in the decor. There are many design patterns that you can choose for the backsplash, from hexagonal lines to black & white contrast to intricate mosaic patterns.

Going with a Matte Black Hardware Theme

Installing all new matte black hardware is a great option if you want premium bathroom decor that reflects sophistication. Renowned for its subtle, yet royal-looking aesthetic, a matte black theme is a perfect choice for hardware as it goes well with various decor themes such as contemporary, rustic, and modern minimalistic. When it comes to bathroom hardware, the matte black theme can be better suited to complement medium to dark-themed decors with much greater contrast to lighter or white tones.

Using Floating Vanities

Often confused with cabinetry, the bathroom vanity consists of a sink with some additional storage usually below the sink area. Apart from storage, the bathroom vanity is also helpful in hiding plumbing lines and keeping things tidy. Wall-hung or floating vanities are a great option to not only elevate your bathroom decor, but also significantly increase its storage capacity. Floating vanities, in combination with flooring that extends up to the wall, creates a unique appearance of a clean and empty space below the vanity. Installing a floating vanity can give your bathroom a modern and spacious look without the need to expand the floor space.

Integrating Technology in Bathroom Design

One of the rising trends in recent times has been the concept of “Smart Bathrooms.” This consists of touchless faucets, wall-mounted digital touch panels to regulate shower temperature (can be controlled using mobile apps), and heated flooring that helps keep feet warm during winter. Ventilation upgrades including steam-sensing exhaust fans, interactive LED mirrors, and water recyclers are a great way to upgrade your bathroom and make it more functional and ergonomic.

Final Word

Bathroom remodeling is important for several reasons, such as ensuring better functionality, creating a unique user experience, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and promoting good hygiene. When considering bathroom remodeling in Frisco, look no further than Kang Contractors. Placed among the leading building contractors in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, we deal in a complete range of renovating and remodeling projects such as roofing, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling. To discuss your requirements with one of the best remodeling contractors in Dallas, call or text (469) 208-3628 or email Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form, and we will respond shortly.