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Framing a house is like creating its skeleton that roughly brings out its overall structure and design, and serves as a guide for floor installation, wall covering, and outer construction work. Any shortcomings in the framing stage, therefore, can severely impact the final design of the house. In addition to the structural perspective, a sturdy frame is also essential to provide structural stability to the house and help it endure natural elements. If you are looking for a reliable house framing contractor, the search ends at Kang Contractors.

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    What Makes Us a Trusted Framing Contractor

    Kang Contractors specializes in all types of house framing designs. Driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver flawless workmanship, we have established ourselves as a trusted name among a large number of clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and many other parts of Texas. When you choose Kang Contractors, you can expect:

    • Regular updates
    • First-rate materials and equipment
    • High-quality craftsmanship
    • Attention to detail
    • Compliance with local laws and standards
    • Long-term durability
    • On-time delivery

    Committed to Delivering Your Vision

    At Kang Contractors, we prioritize the clients’ vision. We hold one-on-one consultations with the clients, designers, and architects to understand the requirements of the house framing project and offer high-quality framing services that stand the test of time. From nails and studs to beams and joists, every decision about the framing project is taken after careful evaluation of the client’s requirements, budget and the local laws.

    Our trained and experienced team is equipped to execute all types of house framing styles, including but not limited to platform framing, balloon framing, and timber framing. The size and nature of the project is not an issue with Kang Contractors.

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    Areas We Cover

    Dallas, TX
    Colleyville, TX
    Westlake, TX
    Fort Worth, TX
    Carrollton, TX
    Plano, TX
    Frisco, TX
    South Lake, TX
    Allen, TX
    McKinney, TX
    Coppell, TX
    Highland Park, TX


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Framing is the process that creates the bare skeleton that holds all the plumbing lines, electrical lines, and outlets, and takes the drywall/tile/paint/wood/roof/etc. which gives us the finished desired look for the whole home.

    There are two types of framing that are typically used and are referred to as balloon framing and platform framing. Platform framing is what is typically used nowadays in residential framing installations in Dallas, Texas and other areas as it provides better resilience to warping.

    Generally speaking, residential framing installation in Dallas, Texas is estimated to cost between $9 and $22 per sq. ft. for materials and labor excluding a general contractor fee.

    In balloon framing installation, the beams run the entire height of the house and the rest of the structure is built off the tall beams, whereas platform framing is built floor by floor and the levels are stacked on top of each other by the framing contractor. Platform framing is the standard type of framing installation service that we typically offer nowadays.

    A typical standard for wind rating for a wood frame house on damage is:

    • 47 mph-small structural damage
    • 55 mph-wind begin to uproot trees, more structural damages
    • 64 mph and up; most structural damage

    Yes, Kang Contractors offers a 2-year warranty on all residentail framing installation services.

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    Hear from our Satisfied Customers

    Eve InmanEve Inman
    18:20 21 Nov 22
    Very pleased with the work we had done by John Kang and his crews. Major remodel in one area of our house that included demo of two walls, pouring concrete to level the ground, enclosing part of the patio, texture/paint, installing windows, tile flooring, electrical, plumbing, granite install, etc. They were timely, respectful of our property, and professional. Highly recommended!
    gina bowsergina bowser
    13:29 16 Nov 22
    Love the designers vision!
    Diana ChokrDiana Chokr
    15:11 10 Nov 22
    I hired Kang Contractors to help remodel my master bathroom and it turned out better than I anticipated. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get some remodeling work done in their home!
    Brandon HolmesBrandon Holmes
    13:31 16 May 22
    Keisha McMillonKeisha McMillon
    02:01 27 Dec 21
    Kang Contractors finished a kitchen remodel for me after I fired the original contractor I hired that did a terrible job and also broke electrical and building codes. John and team got everything back up to code and did a fantastic job finishing my kitchen.  Kang Contractors is very professional and I highly recommend.